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HELLCRUST was formed on the 24th September 2011 by Wiro (Vocal – Death Valley), BijeNyoman (Guitar – Ex-Siksakubur) and AndyanGorust (Drums – Deadsquad)..

Bije and Gorust, focused on creating material for their debut album (EP) and by January of 2012, already had 5 songs. Gorust then asked ArioNugroho (Guitar – Carnivored) to join the band and complete the arrangement on the existing material.

In early 2012 HELLCRUST began searching for a bass player and were eventually joined by Bony (Ex-Deadsquad). With a complete line-up the group soon got stuck into practice and went into the recording studio.

HELLCRUST released their debut album (EP) titled ‘DOSA’ on 12th June, and began performing gigs locally.

Bony left HELLCRUST in November of 2013 but was replaced by Alan (Carnivored). The group then began working on new material for the next album (LP).

In August 2014 the band’s activities ground to a halt whenArio fell ill and was forced to take a break. By May 2015 with the band still on hold, Ario had no choice but to step down as guitarist. At this point there were already 5 songs ready for the album following Ario’s departure.

On the 21st of July 2015, BakenNainggolan (Ex-Siksakubur) joined HELLCRUST, replacing Ario, and they got straight back to work on preparing material for their second album.

At the start of August, one of the original founders of HELLCRUST, Wiro, decided to leave but was replaced by Japs (Ex-Siksakubur). By September 2015 HELLCRUST had added another three songs, bringing the total toeight songs, with the addition of an instrumental track and an outro track.

On the 17th of September they got back into the recording studio to work on their 2nd album, titled ‘KALAMAUT’ which is set for release early next year on the 16th of January.(16.1.16)